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Private Wine Class | Boston Wine School Via Zoom

Online Via Zoom Boston

Learn what you love, love what you learn! Great teachers don't teach you what they know - they figure out what you need to learn, and then they teach you that. We've always followed this philosophy at the Boston Wine School. Classes have always been small in number and intimate in style, and now you


Red Wine For White Wine People | Zoom Wine Class

Every now and then, we have a student at the Boston Wine School who hasn't fallen in love with red wine... yet! IT'S ALL A MATTER OF TASTE We get it: red wine - especially big brawny red wine - can be an acquired taste. The weight of red wine can make it feel very


Wine, Cheese, And The Pursuit Of Happiness | Zoom Wine Class

People ask all the time about pairing wine and food. Pairing wine and cheese is the perfect place to start! MAKING THE PERFECT MATCH Wine and cheese have been together a long time – at least 8,000 years that we know of – and there’s a natural affinity. When you get the right wine together


Wines Of Southern France | Zoom Wine Class

French wine was born in Provence, Languedoc & Roussillon in the south, so this is naturally where we start to learn about French wine. SOUTHERN STARS Wine in the south of France - the Mediterranean arc that stretches from Italy to Spain - is about 1,000 years older than wine in the rest of France,


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ENOUGH STUFF! This year, give the gift of wine, food, people & fun with a Boston Wine School gift certificate.

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