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The Critique of Pure Riesling

I speak German fluently - and I'm going to be honest with you here - there are times I can barely tell up from down when I'm shopping in the German wine section. This class will help you understand what Kabinett, Spätlese, and Auslese mean and how to tell if a Riesling is dry, sweet, or somewhere in between.

Wine + food + people + fun!

Ask any Italian if Sicily is Italy, and they'll say technically yes, but actually no - Sicily is its own wildly unique wine and food world. Sicily's blend of flavors comes from history and geography and eons of uncountable cultural influences. When you eat Sicilian food and drink Sicilian wine, you're going back in time and tasting the oldest flavors on the Italian peninsula.

Looking for a 100% snob-free zone where everyone can come learn about wine? You've found it... now in three great locations!

There's a ton of wine classes for the tip-top of the wine world, but where’s that interesting, fun, engaging wine education everyone can understand? At Boston Wine School, you don’t need a Ph.D. in wine to take our classes. BWS is where wine lovers at every level learn how to taste, think, and talk about wine. You're going to love what you learn!

I love what I do - tasting, thinking, talking, and teaching about wine - and I hope I'm able to share a little bit of that love in this podcast.

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