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Wine & Chocolate Fri. 9/11  How To Taste Wine & Why! (Class + Dinner) Sat. 9/12  Taste Off Tuesday: France Versus California Tue. 9/15  Wine 101: Fundamentals Of Wine (4 Wednesdays) Wed. 9/16  Wine, Cheese & The Pursuit Of Happiness (Class + Dinner) Sat. 9/26

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header-lightsinwinebottles Fine wine tasting for groups of 12 to 50.
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Chronicle video proves ‘it’s OK to have fun’ in wine class

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‘What Would Henry VIII Drink?’

French wine, and lots of it!

Author, Educator & Keynote Speaker Jonathon Alsop

Special appearances, speaking tours, book signings, promo events, and exclusive education with Jonathon Alsop, founder and executive director of the Boston Wine School, author of In Vino Veritas and The Wine Lover’s Devotional.

The Boston Wine School is a guaranteed 100% snob-free zone where everyone can come to learn about wine and food. No matter who you are, no matter how much you know about wine.

Classes are small — 15 students max — with people at every stage, from 21+ beginners up. Get ready to taste 6-8 specially selected wines with bread, cheese, olives & antipasto too. We teach one night, multiple week, and weekend classes plus dinner. BWS events are interesting and interactive.

header-seethewineWe learn about wine, but we also learn about ourselves and each other, and that’s what makes Boston Wine School classes great.