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Language Of Wine: Italian Wine And Words | Boston Wine School @ VINOvations

Wine is something that creates great conversation in any language. In fact, every language has its own idiomatic sub-language of wine, and even fluent speakers find that there’s still a lot to learn about the specific vocabulary of wine.

This class is a unique combination of wine tasting and language that will introduce you to Italian wine words as you might hear in Italy, and here in the US, as you often see represented on Italian wine labels. These labels are trying to tell you something, and if you can understand a little Italian, you can start to grasp it. Poggio means hill… vecchio means old… antico – like antique – ancient. The Chianti Nipozzano is telling you a lot with its name, from the phrase niente pozzi – no wells – a vineyard that’s very very dry. We could go on and on, and we will!

Please note – you do not need to speak Italian for this class – it will be conducted in English with the focus on vocabulary-building for everyone at any level of proficiency. If you love Italian wine, Italian food, and the Italian language, that’s all it takes!

In the process, you will also learn some basic wine tasting skills and how to describe the different personalities of wine in your own language. Appetizers and cheeses will be served during class to introduce some of the fundamentals of pairing wine and food as well.

WINE MENU (tentative)

NV Alessandro Gallici Prosecco (Veneto, northeast Italy)

2015 Saracosa Vermentino (Tuscany, central Italy)

2016 Pietro Disarti Roero Arneis (Piemonte, northwest Italy)

2013 Tenuta di Montecucco Passonaia (Tuscany, central Italy)

2014 Di Prima Nero d’Avola (Sicily, southern Italy)

2014 Porta Flavio Carignano del Sulcis (Sardinia, Mediterranean Italy)

Taking On Tuscany: Wines And Places | Boston Wine School @ VINOvations

For many wine and food lovers, Tuscany means Italy and represents the best this country has to offer. Geographically, Tuscany is the rich heart of Italy, and this is where the butter/cow’s milk cheese cooking of the north meets and overlaps the olive oil/sheep’s milk cheese cooking of the south. If you love Italy, it’s the best of all possible worlds.

In this 2-hour class, we’ll embark on a wine-tasting tour of Tuscany that will help you get familiar with the personalities and flavors of wine from this always delightful region. We’ll start with some relatively undiscovered white wines like Vermentino and Trebbiano – two white grapes you just have to meet, especially if you’re a red wine lover who doesn’t love white wine yet! – and then we dive into the rich world of Tuscan reds: Chianti, Morellino di Scansano, Montecucco, Montalcino, and more.

You’ll experience a wide range of flavors from Tuscany, and you’ll go home with a few new favorites. Get ready to know your Morellino from your Brunello from your Sangiovese. So many wines, so little time!