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Private Wine Tastings & Corporate Events

BOSTON WINE SCHOOL was founded in 2000 to be a place where anyone and everyone can go to learn about wine and food in a fun, interesting, 100% snob free environment. Live via Zoom or live in person, the commitment to engaging interactive education is exactly the same.

HOW IT WORKS | Select your theme: Tour de France, Wine 101, Napa Vs. Sonoma, and many more. We ship your guests four half bottles of wine and four cheeses or antipasti specially matched to your theme. Wines arrive the week before and cheeses arrive a day or two before. The the good part, when everyone meets in class and tastes these delicious wines and foods together.

WHAT YOU’LL LEARN | Every class is unique, but they all teach the same thing with a different focus. You’ll learn what makes a wine special, what a wine label is trying to tell you, how to taste wine like a pro, and more practical wine tips that will give your tasting new meaning and context.

THEMES | HOW TO TASTE WINE AND WHY Start your tasting studies off right with this fundamentals of wine overview.
TUSCANY IN YOUR GLASS The best in virtual wine travel illuminates one of the richest wine and food regions in all of Italy.
WINE, CHEESE & THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS Making the perfect match is easy when you start with great wines and cheeses.
WINE LIST 101 Ordering wine in a restaurant is a huge challenge, but you can do it easily if you use these three strategies.
AND LOTS MORE Just tell me what you need to learn and we will teach you that.

PRACTICAL MATTERS | We host groups as small as two and as large as 50+, but 12 – 20 is ideal. Classes are usually 90 minutes to two hours long. Leading up to your class, you’ll get everything you need to keep things running smoothly: tracking numbers, Zoom invites, “how to” documentation, tasting mat, and scoring sheets. Deadline for shipping wines – depending on the destination – is ten days to two weeks before the class date.

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