Aromatics: World Wine Thai Flavors (5 Course Wine Dinner) | Boston Wine School @ Thai Island

99 percent of the time, when people think Asian food, they automatically think beer instead of wine. It’s just reflex, and if anyone does think of wine, it’s Riesling or G’vertz or something light. It seems like no one’s really trying to make the Asian cuisine matches with wine that we make with other cuisines, and this class is going to change all that.

This dinner class will taste and learn many different wine and food pairing strategies designed to help you understand how wine pairing works, especially with unique worldwide flavors. You’ll be ordering your favorite Zinfandel with spicy lemongrass beef in no time!


Please understand the food and wine menu are subject to change based on availability, chef creativity, teacher whimsy, and more!

Sparkle Plenty

NV Alessandro Gallici Prosecco Extra Dry (Northeast Italy)

Bangkok Ravioli and Steamed Chicken Dumpling


2016 Chateau Le Coin Sauvignon Gris (Bordeaux, western France)

Seafood Siracha (Shrimp, scallop, squid, crab, fish in siracha sauce)


2016 Saracosa Rosso di Toscana (Tuscany, central Italy)

Duck Basil (Crispy basil roasted duck merged with sauce of onions, mushrooms, zucchini, green peppers and scallions)


2016 The Ocean Howler Cabernet Sauvignon + Zinfandel (Lodi, California, USA)

Bangkok Beef (Grilled beef sirloin marinated in Thai herbs with fresh lightly stir fried vegetables)

Just Deserts

2013 Zolla Primitivo di Manduria (Puglia, southern Italy)

Roasted Cherry Sticky Rice Pudding

Night In Italy (5 Course Wine Dinner) | Boston Wine School @ Caffe Espresso Trattoria

Join us for a the ultimate in virtual wine tourism: a wine and food tour of Italy without ever leaving the Boston Wine School! Get yourself ready for a broad range of Italian wines, from crisp Alpine whites to gutsy Sicilian reds. This class is going to experience the whole geography. Wine is produced in every region of Italy, and we are just going to scratch the surface when it comes to exploring the thousands of different varieties and styles of Italian wine.

You’ll experience the culinary sights, smells and tastes of Italy via your wine glass and plate.  We believe the best and easiest way to learn about wine is with food. Wine is food, after all, so we are able to make sense of wine when we study it through food. You will begin to taste and understand many of the classic food and wine pairings, but this class will test the “white wine with fish / red wine with meat” rule too.

You’ll taste old favorites and new combos designed to bring strategies for wine and food pairing into focus.

Please understand the food and wine menu are subject to change based on availability, chef creativity, teacher whimsy, and more!

Sparkle Plenty 

NV Alessandro Gallici Prosecco Extra Dry (Valdobbiadene, northeast Italy)

Asparagus bisque topped with chives, feta and focaccia croutons

Heart of Tuscany

2016 Montecucco Vermentino (Cinigiano, Montecucco, southern Tuscany)

Goat cheese stuffed artichoke heart topped with walnuts and a honey drizzle

Field and Stream

2012 Villa dei Ladri Barbera d’Asti (Piemonte, northwest Italy)

Leek and fennel risotto topped with a haddock medallion in a saffron broth

Coniglio Rosso

2015 Duca di Cardino Rosso di Montepulciano (Montepulciano, eastern Tuscany, central Italy)

Slow braised rabbit in a red wine and herb sauce served with papardelle pasta topped with shaved Grana Padano 

Just Desserts

2013 Zolla Primitivo di Manduria (Puglia, southern Italy)

Espresso chocolate pâté served with crème Anglaise and crushed espresso beans