Wine Class Information & Details


Barlette | Brookine MA | Map & directions

Oscar’s & Central Wine | Dedham MA | Map & directions

TICKETS | Please keep your ticket and have it with you, either in print or electronically, the day of the class.

ACCESS | Part of the classroom is down one flight of stairs at Central Wine. All other locations are wheelchair accessible.  If anyone in your party requires wheelchair or other access, please call.

ID | We are required by law (and good sense) to verify everyone’s age before class begins, so please bring a valid ID.

FOOD | Please let us know if you have any food allergies, or if there are foods you cannot eat for any reason. We always have plenty of bread, olives, antipasto, and that sort of thing to nibble on while we taste.

DRESS CODE | Wine class is a very comfortable, casual environment, and as such, there is no dress code. It’s always smart to dress in dark colors: black skirt, brown slacks, burgundy top, that sort of thing. No one wants to go home looking like a Jackson Pollock painting!

FRAGRANCES | These classrooms are relatively small spaces, and in wine class, we are trying to concentrate on smelling wine, not one another. Please no perfume, cologne, body spray, aromatic hair gel or other strong fragrances.

CONTACT | or call +1-617-784-7150

DAY OF / EMERGENCY | Text Jonathon Alsop +1-617-784-7150